Zach Bergstrom

Zach Bergstrom #398577

Coyote Ridge Corrections

PO Box 769

Connell, WA 99326

Date of Birth: November 12th, 1984

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: White

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Weight: 198 lbs

Height: 6'3

Criminal Background:

Current charges: Drugs/Firearms

Book Date: June 1st, 2018

Expected Release Date:  2026 (1/2 House 2025)

Can communicate through:

Letters, Phone Calls, JPay, and

PPF message forwarding.

I am a funny, ambitious, honest, and understanding person who is great to be around. Although I happen to be currently incarcerated, I have no lost sight of the future. 

Languages inmate speaks:


First Concert:

Garth Brooks

Favorite Movie:

Heat & The Town​


Win my appeal, release and be successful

Something that makes you smile:

Honesty, Loyalty, Bacon, Midgets, Puppies

Main Interest or hobby?

Swimming, Music, Movies, Exercise, Auto Mechanics

Fun fact about inmate:

I can weld, fabricate, grow anything and cook everything


Daughter "Ava"

Favorite Book or Author:

Illuminati- Jim Marrs

Music Genre:

All kinds

Favorite Animal?

Dogs, Horses


Antiques, Business, Art, Family, Outdoors, Cars, Computers, Cooking, Drawing, Reading, Farming, Health, Fitness, Movies, Music, Traveling, Photography, Acting, Writing, Tattoos, History, Education


"I strive with each passing day to remake myself into something better than I was the day before"...