Salvador Nava

Can Communicate through

JPay, Phone, and Letters

Religious beliefs: 


Languages inmate speaks

English and Spanish

First Concert: 


Favorite Movie: 

Dumb and Dumber


Keep myself physically sharp & mentally sharp and help other people with advice. 

Something that makes you smile: 

Making other people around me smile

Main Interest or hobby?

Educating myself, reading books

Fun fact about inmate:

I had my appendix removed at 15 years old


One daughter

Favorite Book or Author:  

Life of pi

Music Genre: 

Hip Hip/Pop

Favorite Animal? 



Animals, Antiques, Business, Art, Astrology, Family, Outdoors, Cars, Sports, Computers, Cooking, Drawing, Crafts, Dancing, Carpentry, Environment, Holidays, Reading, Farming, Health, Fitness, Literature, Movies, Music, Traveling, Photography, Writing, Tattoos, History, Fashion, Education, Board/Card Game


I love playing soccer, playing chess and handball. I like to cook and make cakes. I'm learning to draw and enjoy reading self-help books. I love to work out and meeting new people. I like sharing my knowledge of all the books I have read because everybody needs some improvement in certain aspects of their lives. I look forward to meeting new friends and create a bond that time or distance will not be able to break. 

Salvador Nava #331749

Stafford Creek Corrections Center

191 Constantine Way

Aberdeen, Washington 98520

Date of Birth: June, 14th 1982

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Mexican/American

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Height: 5'11

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Criminal Background:

Current charges: Homicide

Book Date: July 6th, 2008

Expected Release Date:  January 13th, 2083

I was born & raised in Yakima, Washington. I have also lived in California, Oregon, and Mexico. I have 1 brother and three little sisters. I also have a daughter in Mexico, she's 11 years old. I been incarcerated for about 11 years now and have an outrageous release date but look forward to that being changed in the near future.