Rigoberto Contreras

Can communicate through:

Letters, Phone Calls, and JPay

Religious beliefs:


Languages inmate speaks: 

English/ some Spanish

First Concert: 

Ozzfest... a looong time ago

Favorite Movie: 

Too many/ All movies- even chick flicks




Obey GOD, be the man HE'S called me to be

Something that makes you smile:

Knowing, by the leading of THE HOLY GHOST SPIRIT, I'm doing GOD'S will

Main Interest or hobby?

Used to be working out and sports, but, with transformation, priorities change

Favorite Book or Author: 


Music Genre: 

Gospel/ All music- no filth

Favorite Animal? 

Dogs/ All animals

Fun fact about inmate: 

I know and have the love of GOD


Animals, Antiques, Art, Family, Outdoors, Sports, Computers, Crafts, Carpentry, Environment, Holidays, Reading, Farming, Health, Fitness, Literature, Movies, Music, Traveling, Photography, Writing, History, Education, Love Poetry


I'm not too familiar with computers, never been on Facebook, Myspace, never applied or got on any of these types of sites or pen pal things. It's kind awkward for me, but I figure my "uncomfortable zone" is GOD'S "comfort zone" and this will be a great avenue to do HIS business, encourage, love, and build up in HIM.

Rigoberto Contreras #844079

Larch Corrections Center

15314 N.E Dole Valley Road

Yacolt, Washington 98675

Date of Birth: 05/03/1982

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian/Hispanic

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Criminal Background:

Current charges: 1st Degree Robbery

Book Date: November 18th, 2008

Expected Release Date:  April 7th, 2022

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'7

Weight: 180lbs

I'm not searching for a relationship, boyfriend-girlfriend wise. I do want to have relationships as far as friendships go, to build up, encourage, listen, and give, if wanted, advice. I know, what kind of advice can an inmate give? Well, I've got a different perspective because of everything I've been through, just like Everybody. And, working together, with no other ulterior motives but to help, We can be there for one another to help navigate whatever comes our way. All I'm looking for is to do GOD's will, nothing else. Not for me, for HIM and Everybody else. This isn't about what I can get. The only thing I'll ever ask for is honesty, and that's what They'll always get from me. That's where true healing and all-around growth comes from, putting it out there on the table and laying whatever at Our SAVIOR'S feet.
The screwed-up thinking of the old me felt justified in the things he did, but glory be to GOD, through HIS revelations and transformation and never giving up on me, HE revealed that I was wrong. HE took my self-righteous, stone heart, and has given me a heart of flesh, that only wants to help. GOD bless you all!