Randy Capps

Randy Capps #704874

Coyote Ridge Corrections Center

PO Box 769

Connell, Washington 99326

Date of Birth: March 22nd, 1973

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: White

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hair Color: Bald

Eye Color: Blue

Weight: 200 lbs

Height: 6'

Criminal Background:

Current charges: Murder

Book Date: 1994

Expected Release Date: Soon

Likes all outdoor activities; Having fun and hanging out with people; Enjoys conversations; Loves movies; Likes to try different kinds of foods; Likes honest people (Not B.S.ers); Loves to Travel

Can communicate through:

Letters, Phone, and JPay

Goals: To be Rich & Free

Religious beliefs: Odinist

Languages inmate speaks: English

First Concert: Scorpions

Favorite Movie: Heat

Children: None

Favorite Book or Author: Brent Weeks

Music Genre: Rock and Roll

Favorite Animal? Dogs

Interests:  Religion, History, and Current World Topics

Something that makes you smile: A good act of kindness

Main Interest or hobby? Beading, Reading, and T.V

Fun fact about inmate: Likes watching the sunset