Micah Brewer

Can communicate through:

Letters, Phone Calls, JPay and

PPF message forwarding



Music Genre:

Whatever catches my ear

Favorite Animal?


First Concert:

Never been to one

Favorite Movie:

A Bronx Tale​


Stay gainfully employed, own my own house, keep learning how to be a better man.

Something that makes you smile:

Small gestures that have huge impacts.

Fun fact about inmate:

Rehearsed and performed a shakespeare monologue in front of a crowd.​

Religious beliefs:

Native American Spirituality

Main Interest or hobby?

Drawing or playing prison sports

Languages inmate speaks:



Business, Art, Astrology, Family, Outdoors, Sports, Drawing, Health,  Fitness, Movies, Music, Traveling, Acting, Writing, Fashion, History, Education

Micah Brewer #220151

Minnesota Corrections Center

1000 Lake Shore Drive

Moose Lake, Minnesota 55767

Date of Birth: August 15th, 1989

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Native American

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Weight: 205 lbs

Height: 6'

Current charges: 2nd Degree Murder, Agg Robbery,

Agg Robbery, 1st Degree Burglary

Book Date: October 6th, 2006

Expected Release Date: July 6th, 2022​

I grew up and was raised in Minneapolis, MN. I'm a middle child of a big family. I have no children, but I'm a proud uncle because family matters to me. I am a good listener, and an artist, I have a good sense of humor and I enjoy making others laugh. If there is six words I' use to define my upbringing, it would be:
"when life runs you over...roll."
Not only was I traumatically hit and run over by a truck at a young age and lived, I had to live in some harsh environments and moved a lot. I learned to make the most of my situations, and I valued humor because it's like fire in a snowstorm.
I was a troubled youth and hung out with the wrong crowd, and I eventually made some serious bad choices that landed me in prison at the age of 16. I struggled, but I was able to turn things around by owning my wrongs and learning how to be a better man. I found education and am now close to an Associate of Arts degree. I work full time in a print shop, and I'm involved in numerous positive programming.
I have a good head on my shoulders, I value loyalty I'm not afraid of responsibility, and I stand on my beliefs and principals. I don't have it all figured out, but I'm waiting for my release so that I can move further in my growth and closer to family. If there is another six words that help define where I'm at now, they would be: "Even diamonds have a rough start."