Khalid Bryant

Khalid Bryant #76327061

USP Terre Haute

PO Box 33

Terre Haute, Indiana 47808

Date of Birth: February 8th

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: American

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Height: 5'8

Weight: 155 lbs

Criminal Background:

Current charges: Possession of firearms

Book Date: July 16th, 2016

Expected Release Date: August 3rd, 2020

Can communicate through: Corrlinks and Letters

If by chance I caught your eye... and you decide to write. I promise to be the sort of friend you need. One thats caring, honest, open, and willing to be consistent with correspondence.
I guess I'll start by giving you a personal invitation so you can get to know more about who you may choose to write. 
I'm a 36 year old Aquarius that loves music, nature, and animals. Though sophisticated when I need to be, I'm just a country boy at heart. I enjoy helping others, participating in sports, and song writing. I also value the quiet times in the company of a good friend as well. 
I'm looking to attract a women that won't allow my circumstances to keep her from seeing my potential. One who not only can identify with my struggle, but thats also willing to demonstrate her understanding and be instrumental in helping me get a new start in a new place where opportunities are endless.
I'm intelligent, hard working, with a strong drive. And at this point in my life, I just want to finally experience the unique joy you feel when you share your all with someone, can you relate? My ideal partner is a women thats not too shy, yet classy and mature. Who's sincere, with a huge a mile and a big enthusiasm for feeling great. I'm a good listener and great conversationalist who above all else, will be patient, kind, and considerate to your privacy, feelings, and beliefs. If I sound like someone you'd love to know more about. I'd love to hear from you 100% response guaranteed.
Have a great day
Sincerely, Khalid

Fun fact about inmate: Continued creativity

Favorite book or author: John Sanford

First Concert: 50 Cent

Music Genre: All types

Main Interest or hobby? Continued creativity

Languages inmate speaks: English                          

Favorite Movie: Big with Tom Hanks

Something that makes you smile: Waking up each day

Favorite Animal: Dogs   

Goals: Becoming successful upon release

Interests: Business, Family, Dancing, Reading, Movies, Music, Photography, Writing, Tattoos, Education, Board/Card Games