Jason Williams

Jason Williams #00379575

McCormick Correctional Institute

386 Redemption Way

McCormick, SC 29899

Date of Birth: July 6th, 1979

Gender: Male 

Ethnicity: White

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Blue Green

Height: 5'10   

Criminal Background

Current Charges: Robbery, Burglary, Assault, Firearm

Book Date: October 28th, 2004

Expected Release Date: Life

Can communicate through:

Letters, Phone Calls, JPay

Dearest beautiful stranger

If you're reading this, then it's because you were meant to do so. I don't believe in coincidences: I believe everything happens for a reason. Destiny presents us with opportunities to meet certain people, and when we take the initiative, our lives can be so much better for it. Life is about experiences and exploration; knowledge, wisdom, and lasting, meaningful relationships can be shared between people of all walks of life. Hard times can add to the on's character, and I assure you I have plenty of that. These prison walls cannot diminish the passion and love of life that lies within my heart and soul, and expressing myself to you, and vice versa, would greatly enhance that.

I'm a spiritual, non-religious person who believes that anything the mind can conceive or imagine, is possible. I love learning about the paranormal, philosophical, spiritual, or anything that is more-than-meets-the-eye. I'm not content with accepting life at face value; I search for the deeper meaning in everything.

In this world of fast cars, fast food, and fast internet, people tend to make temporary, meaningless, Facebook-style friendships. I'm looking for companionship that will grow and strengthen over time. If this is the kind you're also looking for, give you and I a try.

I promise you, if you include me in your life, you'll discover that I'm more than just a convict. I could be a close, personal friend. I'll be waiting!