James Spencer

James Spencer #188533

Minnesota Correctional Facility

1000 Lake Shore Drive

Moose Lake, Minnesota 55767

Date of Birth: November 2nd, 1972

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: African American

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black

Eye Color: Light Brown/Blue

Height: 6'2

Weight: 265 lbs

Current charges: 3rd Degree Sexual Misconduct (first time) & last!

Book Date: June 18th, 2012

Expected Release Date: April 7th, 2022

First time being incarcerated? No (2 other times were drug related)

Can communicate through: 

JPay and Phone

I'm from St Louis, Missouri, but I live here in Minnesota. I'm looking to connect with a business minded women- Because I'm also a businessman. I had owned 2 barber shops in the past in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm sweet, caring, plus loving. I'm also big on family. If interested, my contact is JPay.com. That's a direct line to me. You can also send pics, through JPay. Hope to hear from  you soon if your the one for me.

Religion: Christian

Languages you speak: English

Children: 4

Music Genre:  R&B, Rap, some Jazz/Old School

Favorite Book or Author: Alex Cross

First Concert: Bennie Seigel (rapper from New York)

Goals: Business owner (a chain of barbershops) travel cutting professional ball players and actors

Favorite Animal:  Fish-Dogs

Main interest or hobby: Being a barber and making people's day start off on the right foot​

Favorite Movie: Waiting to Exhale

Fun fact about you: I love to (LOVE)!!! That's it

Something that makes you smile: My kids and grandkids, cutting hair

Interests: Animals, Art, Business, Cars, Family, Sports, Crafts, Cooking, Health, Fitness, Movies, Music, Tattoos, Fashion, History


I just really need a woman with a great spirit and outgoing and willing to try new things in life. Someone who will listen and have a open mind about my past. Allow me to explain myself because I am a very good man, just put myself in the wrong place at the wrong time