Jacob Goldman

Can communicate through:

Letters, Phone Calls, and JPay

Jacob Goldman #248149

Minnesota Corrections Center

1000 Lake Shore Drive

Moose Lake, Minnesota 55767

Date of Birth: February 16th, 1996

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: White

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue/Green

Weight:  165 lbs

Height: 5'7

Criminal Background:

Current charges: Criminal Sexual Conduct

Book Date: October 5th, 2015

Expected Release Date:  December 23rd, 2020​

About me, I'm 23 years old. I'm predominantly, Scandinavian, and German with some Irish. I enjoy studying: Philosophy and Psychology, and I am fascinated how we connect as people in the world through food, language, and music. I value honesty and prefer not to play games. I have no issues talking about my past, as I said, I believe in honesty. I'm open to new experiences, meeting new people and learning. I've had quite the journey and have experienced things in life. A personal discovery for me has been that life is a great teacher and often people don't hear the message. I'd really like to invite other into my life to share their journeys. I don't care what race, ethnic background, or religion you are. I'm open to all and respect all. I'd simply like to meet new people and have potential friends in my life.
-J. Goldman

Religious beliefs:


Languages inmate speaks:


First Concert:

Machine Gun Kelly at Soundset

Favorite Movie:

The Fast and the Furious



Favorite Book or Author: 

J. Iron Wood

Music Genre: 

Hip Hop, R&B, Country

Favorite Animal? 

North American Wolf

Something that makes you smile:


Main Interest or hobby? 

Working out and motocross


I want to start my own race team for motocross, snocross, and U.T.V's.

Fun fact about inmate:

I'm athletic, I have 3 tattoos, with plans to get a lot more. 


Animals, Business, Art, Family, Outdoors, Cars, Sports, Cooking, Dancing, Holidays, Reading, Health, Fitness, Movies, Music, Traveling, Tattoos, Fashion, Education