Darrell Miller

Can communicate through:

Letters, Phone Calls, JPay

Music Genre:

Hip Hop, and the blues

Favorite Animal:


Favorite book for author:

The 48 Laws of Power- Robert T Greene

First Concert:

State Property



Main interest or hobby:

Barbering/ coaching sports

Favorite Movie:

Black Mass/ Eastern promises

Fun fact about you:

I got my barbers license in prison and have successfully adopted

Something that makes you smile:

When I get to talk to my nieces and nephews

Languages you speak:


What are you hoping to get from a pen pal dynamic:

A friend, a relationship, someone to talk to on the phone, write, email, maybe even visit. A genuine relationship, maybe love in the future, hopefully marriage.


One day to be a great husband and father, have a family. Be a barber shop owner. Buy a home. Help teens that are in school, stay away from gangs.


Animals, Outdoors, Cars, Cooking, Dancing, Farming, Health and fitness, Movies, Music, Photography, Traveling, Tattoos/Tattooing, History, Training dogs, cutting hair (barber)

Darrell Miller #225495

Minnesota Correctional Facility
1000 Lake Shore Drive
Moose Lake, Minnesota 55767

Date of Birth: March 18th, 1985

Gender: Male 

Ethnicity: African American

Sexuality: Straight

Hair Color: Brown/Black

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 6'1

Current charges: Murder (gang related robbery gone wrong)

Book Date: January 26th, 2004

Expected Release Date: Parole hearing 2021

First time being incarcerated? No- second


My name is Darrell, I'm 34 years old. No kids, never married. Been in for 15 years, and now I'm looking to make solid connections with exceptional women. Through honest and truthful communication. Good vibes and positive energy. Building a strong level of comfortably with one another, is the goal. I truly believe it helps us to be more productive in society.

At a young age, very poor decisions and bad choices on my part, resulted in me being locked up for a gang related murder. I am hoping for a positive outcome at my parole hearing in 2021. Despite being in prison, I'm still a hopeless romantic. I wish to get married to a beautiful wife and have kids someday.

I'm a licensed barber and plan to open my own shop someday. I've been a part of the dog program here at the prison. Training them so they can get adopted (Edgar is the dog in my photo with me). I enjoy riding motorcycles (street bikes), going to the gym, staying physically fit, coaching sports. I have made mistakes in my past but I'm fully focused on doing what is right. I hope to meet some women that wants to start a relationship. No games, 100% honesty and that's willing to be open minded and have an open heart.