Austin Phillips

Can communicate through:

Letters, Phone Calls, and JPay

Something that makes you smile: 

Staring into the eyes of a beautiful lady, music

Main Interest or hobby?


Fun fact about inmate: 

Lions are cute, while being the most dominant animal in its kingdom

Religious beliefs: 


Languages inmate speaks: 


First Concert:

Pain in the grass

Favorite Movie:

 8 Mile


Start a business, Fitness center for MMA, open recording studio, help community. 



Favorite Book or Author:

All self help

Music Genre: 

Rap-Hip Hop- R&B

Favorite Animal?



Business, Family, Outdoors, Cars, Sports, Cooking, Drawing, Dancing, Reading, Health, Fitness, Movies, Music, Fashion, Writing, Tattoos

Austin Phillips #394460

Washington State Penitentiary

1313 North 13th Avenue

Walla Walla, Washington 99362

Date of Birth:  May 02, 1996

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: White

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 6'

Weight: 175 lbs

Criminal Background:

Current charges: Res Berg

Book Date: January 29th, 2018

Expected Release Date:  October 10, 2020

Hello, How are you?
My name is Austin. I am a young, mature man, looking to conquer all things righteous and prosperous. I believe myself to be an intelligent, well-rounded man. I am very dedicated to self-growth and development. I have many goals and plans upon release. I study psychology, investing, and business management. I currently attend Walla Walla community college; for Business. I am searching for a special someone to watch our dreams come true with one another. ("A happy beginning starts only with, trust and honesty; which comes from a loving heart; Believe in me as I believe in you; and I can fulfill our hearts by the truth in you") Please add me on JPay, and write me. Thank you.