At PRISONPENFRIENDS, it is our core belief that no one should be alone during hard times. We understand the importance of social connections, and support the positive changes that result from having them. Having support can make all the difference in someone’s life.

Various studies show, the support of family and friends in a prisoners transition back to society plays a substantial part in reducing recidivism. Support as simple as a pen pal, can lead to tangible benefits for everyone, but especially for those who are incarcerated.


It is our mission to personally connect inmates with pen pals, to offer the connections they need, the support they lack, and to aid those alone in their sentence, all in hopes of changing lives and increasing rehabilitation!


When signing up, we offer a personalized approach with an array of questions, options, and opportunities to tell us what you are looking for in a pen pal. We identify wants, needs, interests, and preferences that all go into finding a successful pen pal for every person.


Upon submission, your responses are carefully reviewed and cross referenced ensuring a positive connection is made. Our approach to matching removes the stress and uncertainty that comes with searching endless profiles online and offers a more positive experience because your responses are heard and respected. We strive to reduce the missed opportunities pen pals face daily due to stigmas, stereotypes, mass profiling, and bring in the personal touch to every pen pal that is lost when a person is made to define who they are in a box to a mass crowd.

We strive to tear down those barriers and create lasting pen pal dynamics based on the things that matter most to everyone. We take the time needed to match every pen pal because we know personally the positive changes that having a pen pal brings and welcome you to experience it.

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